I’ve been issued a Request for Further Information (RFI) letter from INZ.

In the past two weeks, I have noticed an increased number of instructions and inquiries from clients who have been issued Request for Further Information or Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letters from Immigration New Zealand. Given that approximately 80% of 2021 Resident Visa applications have been processed so far, it is not surprising that these RFI letters are being sent while INZ makes their way through processing the remaining 2021 Resident Visa applications.

An RFI or PPI letter is a letter sent by an immigration officer to an applicant that informs them that the officer has found information that may be prejudicial to the applicant's application for a temporary or resident visa. The letter is typically sent when the visa officer has concerns relating to character or health grounds, such as pending criminal charges, criminal conviction, a medical condition or having provided false and misleading information which may make the applicant (or family members) not meet the character requirements or have an acceptable standard of health.

If you receive a PPI letter, you have the opportunity to respond to the concerns raised by the visa officer. As the visa applicant, you will be given a specified amount of time, usually one week (up to two weeks), to provide a response. Your response should address the specific concerns raised by the immigration officer and provide any additional information or documentation that may help to resolve the concerns.

The visa officer will consider the applicant's response, along with any additional information and documentation provided before making a final decision on the visa application. If the visa officer is satisfied that the concerns have been adequately addressed, the application may be approved. However, if the concerns cannot be resolved or alleviated, the application may be declined.

It is important to note that receiving a PPI letter does not necessarily mean that your visa application will be declined. It is an opportunity for you to address any concerns and provide additional information that may help to resolve the issues INZ have with respect to your application.

As the 2021 Resident Visa category is now closed, it is important you seek legal assistance with providing a thorough response that adequately addresses the concerns raised, backed with supporting documentation. I have seen some replies where the issues have not properly been addressed despite a number of documents being put forward to the visa officer.

The difference between a simple response compared to a thorough response can result in you becoming a resident in New Zealand.

Feel free to contact me if you have been sent a RFI or PPI letter.


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