After your initial consultation, you’ll feel more in control of your immigration concerns.

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  • Immigration Advice for Employers

    Whether it is assistance with applying for Employer Accreditation, and Job Checks, training for HR managers, developing internal immigration policies and ensuring immigration compliance, or assistance with settlement support services to offshore candidates, Katherine is here to help.

  • One Off Immigration Consultation

    There is ample information available about visas to New Zealand. It can be overwhelming. Katherine can help simplify the information by reviewing your situation and providing you with preliminary options on which visa is most suitable and whether there are any risks involved.

  • Temporary Visa Applications

    Whether it is a visa to visit, study or work in New Zealand, Katherine can take the pressure off by filing your application and communicating with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.

  • Resident Visa Applications

    Are you wanting to make New Zealand your permanent home? There are a number of categories to apply for residency through. Katherine can assess your situation and advise you on which option is the most viable and then look after the immigration process for you.

  • Compliance

    Have you found yourself in a situation where your visa has been declined and or you are no longer lawful in New Zealand? Katherine can talk with you about your circumstances and provide you with some options to relieve some of that stress and uncertainty.

  • Appeals

    Sometimes an Immigration New Zealand decision may not be in your favour. Katherine can clarify what this means and advise you on whether you have a right to appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. Katherine can also represent you in the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.